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【益田岩船】(ますだのいわふね)奈良県橿原市白橿町 / パワースポット (3/3)







【Masuda-no-Iwafune / 益田岩船】 (Rock Ship of Masuda), near the top of Iwafune hill, is the largest carved stone object in the Asuka region. It is a huge boulder inferred to weigh 800 tons, with two square holes opened on the top. Clearly worked by human hands, it is not known who made it, when, or for what purpose.
The true nature of this rock has long been debated. Various theories have emerged, such as its being equipment for ancient people’s astronomical observations, or the pedestal for stone inscriptions, but recently the most favored view is that it was abandoned in its original position in the midst of making it into a stone burial chamber. As there are fissures on the rock’s circumference, it may be that it was abandoned when these were noted during the work.

Access: about 1 km to the west or about 20 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Yoshino Line Okadera Station

Address: 8-20-1 Hakusucho, Kashiwara-shi, Nara Prefecture

【阪本研究所】SK laboratory
  代表 Kazuyoshi Sakamoto