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天慶2年(939年)光道和尚により開基。当時は、現在地より東に500mのところにあった般若山阿部寺の一坊でしたが、元禄時代(1688年-1703年)に義道見明和尚が寺を移転し、海照山正圓寺と改めました。 本尊は木彫の大聖歓喜双身天王で、これは日本最大です。 また、2000年頃までは、大相撲春場所開催のさい相撲部屋の宿舎となっていました。 境内には鎮守の神を祭る奥之院と呼ばれる場所があり、鎮守堂(荼枳尼天)、寄松塚(八本松竜王)、石切社分祠、浪切不動明王、弁才天祠などが祭られています。また、「兼好法師の藁打石」と「兼好法師隠棲庵跡」の碑が境内東側に建っています。吉田兼好は南北朝時代にこの付近に移り住み、清貧自適な暮らしを営んでいたと言われています。また、この山は聖天山古墳と呼ばれる古墳であることが分かっています。

Shōen-ji (正圓寺) is a Buddhist temple in Abeno-ku, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It was founded in 939. This temple is friendly called “Tenka-jaya-no-Shoten-san” The principal object of this temple is woodcarving “Daishokangisomitenou” 大聖歓喜双身天王. It is the largest one in Japan.

Kangi-ten (Japanese: 歓喜天, "God of Bliss") is a god (deva or ten) in Shingon and Tendai schools of Japanese Buddhism. He is generally considered the Japanese Buddhist form of the Hindu elephant-headed god of wisdom, Ganesha and is sometimes also identified with the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.He is also known as Kanki-ten, Shō-ten (聖天, "sacred god" or "noble god"]), Daishō-ten ("great noble god"), Daishō Kangi-ten (大聖歓喜天), Tenson (天尊, "venerable god"), Kangi Jizai-ten (歓喜自在天), Shōden-sama, Vinayaka-ten, Binayaka-ten (毘那夜迦天), Ganapatei (誐那缽底) and Zōbi-ten (象鼻天).

Kangiten has many aspects and names, associated with Vajrayana (Esoteric Buddhist, Tantric, mantrayana) schools Shingon being one of them. Although Kangiten is depicted with an elephant's head like Ganesha as a single male deity, his most popular aspect is the Dual(-bodied) Kangiten or the Embracing Kangiten depicted as an elephant-headed male-female human couple standing in an embrace.

In the precincts of the temple, there are many old structures to see ; Chinju-do (guardian god hall), grave mound, separately moved shrine, Fudo Myoo(wisdom king) and Goddess of fortune small shrine. And there was Seitenyama ancient tomb in the Seitenyama park next to Shen-ji.

Address : 32-2, 3-chome, Matsumushitouri of Abeno-ku, Osaka Prefecture

阪堺電気軌道阪堺線 北天下茶屋停留場徒歩3分、聖天坂停留場徒歩7分
3-minute walk from Kitatenkachayateiryuba or
7-minute walk from Seitenzakateiryuuba of Hankai Line
南海電気鉄道本線・高野線、大阪市営地下鉄堺筋線 天下茶屋駅徒歩10分
10-minute walk from Tenkachaya of Nankai Koya line
or Tenkachaya of Sakaisuji subway

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A cat seems to be a head of this temple showed me around. 

A cat seems to be a head of this shrine showed me around.


#じゃらん #じゃらんネット #じゃらん #観光 #観光スポット #神社
#社寺仏閣 #絶景 #muragon #Sakamoto119